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My Heart I Give to Children is Sukhomlinsky’s best-loved work. This 2016 translation is based on a new edition published by Sukhomlinsky’s daughter in 2012. It describes Sukhomlinsky’s interactions with a class of 31 children during an experimental preschool year and the subsequent four years of their primary schooling.

Newsletter Archive

On this page are links to past newsletters. These newsletters have been produced monthly since July 2015. The newsletters include translations of extracts from Sukhomlinsky’s writings, including some of his little stories for children on ethical themes. They also include articles about Sukhomlinsky, and updates about Sukhomlinsky publications and the activity of Sukhomlinsky scholars. Anyone with an interest in understanding Sukhomlinsky’s legacy, or in promoting knowledge about him, is invited to subscribe to the newsletter, and to submit articles to it.

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China Lecture (Alan’s lecture at a Sukhomlinsky conference in China, November 2014)

Sukhomlinsky-News-1 (July 2015)

Sukhomlinsky-News-2 (August 2015)

Sukhomlinsky-News-3 (September 2015)

Sukhomlinsky-News-4 (October 2015)

Sukhomlinsky-News-5 (November 2015)

Sukhomlinsky-News-6 (December 2015)

Sukhomlinsky-News-7 (January 2016)

Sukhomlinsky-News-8 (February 2016)

Sukhomlinsky-News-9 (March 2016)

Sukhomlinsky-News-10 (April 2016)

Sukhomlinsky-News-11 (May 2016)

Sukhomlinsky-News-12 (June 2016)

Sukhomlinsky-News-13 (July 2016)

Sukhomlinsky-News-14 (August 2016)

sukhomlinsky-news-15 (September 2016)

sukhomlinsky-news-16 (October 2016)

sukhomlinsky-news-17 (November 2016)

Sukhomlinsky-News-18 (December 2016)

Sukhomlinsky-News-19 (January 2017)

Sukhomlinsky-News-20 (February 2017)

Sukhomlinsky-News-21 (March 2017)

Sukhomlinsky-News-22 (April 2017)

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Sukhomlinsky-News-31 (January 2018)